Print-and-Play Demo

Congratulations! By finding this page, you have provide capable of joining the Federation Alliance’s Far Away program. Please download our printable game to proceed.

Far Away is still in in development. Share your input with command and help FA grow and prosper.

Questions? Issues?

Contact us directly if there’s an issue with the print-and-play files. We’re also happy to adjust the format, pages, or layout upon request.

Printing Promise

We appreciate you taking the time and resources to try out Far Away. If something is ever wrong with the PnP files and our mistake costs you ink and paper, please let us know and we’ll reimburse you.

Update Notes


  • Final pre-release version

  • Finalized rulebook

  • Finalized mission set


  • Penultimate pre-release version

  • Mission 8: Specimen

  • Updated symbology across entire content set

  • Complete creature set


  • Address feedback on Recovery mission

  • Streamlined unlocked gear/building experience

  • Revised rulebook


  • Mission 6: Recovery

  • Mission 7: Relic

  • Revised rulebook

  • Addressed feedback for Outpost, Legal, and Battery missions

  • Additional creatures


  • Mission 5: Battery

  • Organization and reference mats

  • Revised rulebook

  • Better card backs


  • New Forest art and biome glyphs

  • Clarified new Anomaly rules

  • Addressed feedback for Outpost, Preserve, and Legal missions


  • Fixed minor issues in rule book and mission booklet


  • Reworked rule book

  • A mission booklet

  • Tundra biome HEXes

  • Updates to Preserve and Legal missions

  • More creatures


  • Updated rules text

  • Added Cure, Preserve, and Legal missions


  • Major revision of creatures, buildings, and gear


  • Initial file set