Far Away is a two-player, cooperative game about exploring an alien planet. You and your partner must overcome starvation, a dangerous ecosystem, and the crushing loneliness that comes with being the only two people for lightyears.

Far Away is a sandbox for making worlds with scenarios and campaigns resting on top. The biomes, creatures, and landmarks of the world are generated as they are discovered by the explorers. Each mission also comes with Plot Cards which branch the story in different directions as events unfold. The players choose how to react to these variable elements, making each game unique.

A central theme in Far Away is loneliness. This is expressed in two ways: as a mechanical need in-game and by limiting player communication. Players may only speak freely if they are on the same hex. They use the opportunity to plot complex series of actions, or just check in and make sure everything is okay. Newer players can choose to place this limit only on game strategy, while advanced players can choose to stay completely silent when wandering afar.

The mission of Far Away is to be a two-player game with depth. Each mission can be replayed with new challenges and twists. Someone could play a round in a rich jungle world that pits them against horrible carnivores the entire time, and then play a game on a desert planet relying on small burrowing creatures and abandoned alien relics to find sustenance.

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