PAX Prime 2015 - Aftermath

Thank you to everyone who stopped by Games on Demand and played Catalyst. This was Cherry Picked Games's first PAX and the reception was wonderful. We lead people through four days of eradicating cultists, avoiding plague victims, being hunted by horrible hellhounds, and making questionable moral choices when blocked by demon children. It was a blast. It was such a vindicating feeling to hear players' laughter, to watch them figure out problems together, and to receive compliments about the game, system and our GMing skills.

We sold out of our stock at the Gamma Ray store on site. There's still a few copies floating around stores and at IPR, but we're getting a second run of Catalyst made. Everyone's love and support this weekend makes that an easy decision.

If you didn't get to go  to PAX or missed out on our sessions, we'd still love to introduce you to Catalyst. Cherry Picked Games will have a booth at OrcaCon and we'll try to hit more conventions around the area. Or, in the spirit of Games on Demand, we're happy to send a game master to your gaming group.

Thanks again Seattle, Penny Arcade, and gamers around the world.