After the Wolf

SHUX and Big Bad Con were great cons. The Cherry Picked crew spent the last two weeks travelling the West Coast, playing games, and making friends. It was an awesome experience. Now it is time to jump back into designing.

First, Conspire is done. We have shipped out the last copies. Copies have also been sent to distributors. There is a finale Kickstarter post coming soon, though we would love for that to occur alongside Amazon offering Conspire. That issue is being resolved soon… hopefully. In the meantime, here are all the sweet custom boxes Jake drew.

CPG is working on two titles: Mordgeist and Far Away. We have previously discussed Far Away on this blog: the two-player planet exploration game. Expect a larger design blog soon. We are excited about a new silence mechanic and want to share it with everyone.

Mordgeist is a semi-cooperative horror-themed game. Players take on the roles of ghost hunters who are trapped in an evil house. One of them has accidentally been possessed by a vengeful spirit. Players navigate the house using hidden-movement in an attempt to hide from their corrupted friend, not that they know who it is. Both the ghost and the house usher forth evil creatures to finish off the survivors, forcing them to quickly react with timed storytelling segments describing their attempts to fight. If the crew can consistently banish the ghost from the right person, they will walk away unharmed. Otherwise, the legion of the damned grows even stronger.

Stay tuned for design details and playtesting opportunities for Far Away and Mordgeist.

-- Alex