KublaCon - Great Name or Greatest Name?

CPG is going on a road trip to San Francisco next week. We are hopping in the Do Better Honda Accord with our friends from Do Better Games and Leiker Games to traverse the wild expanses of I-5 and reach the fabled city Khan stronghold, San Francisco. KublaCon 2017 kicks off May 26th. Won’t you join us?

Cherry Picked Games is running drop-in demos and full games of Catalyst and Conspire. Sign up online or come to our booth in the dealer’s hall. We will facilitate the gaming experience you need. And, as usual, we are going to find the bar and run games of Drink! after hours.

Leiker Games is preparing to Kickstart their first title, The Lost Age. It is a tactical RPG set in a Bronze Age fantasy land where belief and prayer create reality. Do Better Games is showcasing Bring Your Own Book. Their companion mobile app is coming out soon, so experience the joy of adding technology to analog books.

Here is our current schedule. This is totally a reference for the public and not just an easy place for CPG’s rep to reference what he is supposed to be doing.

Dealer Hall Hours: F: 6-8p | S: 10a-6p | Su: 10a-6p | M: 9a-12p

Conspire Games: F: 2p, 3p, 4p | M: 12p | On Demand at the Booth

Catalyst Games: F: 6-10p | S: 8p-12a | Su: 6-10P | On Demand Quick Games at the Booth

Cheers y’all! See you in the Bay this Memorial Day weekend.