Critically Hit

Thank you, Phoenix. Your city was warm and hospitable (and really warm…) Crit Hit 3 hosted our gaming session for the weekend. They were also hospitable (and air-conditioned). Jake and I had a great time running Conspire, Catalyst, and Drink! for our new fans. It’s great to prove CPG can hop on a plane for a con and reach a wider audience.

This con was an experiment beyond plane travel. We introduced #SpreadTheConspiracy. The idea is simple. Our booth had some tinfoil and we constantly donned our own metallic hats. We encouraged people to make their own hats and tweet about it. Those who did got discounts or sketches. The best part was seeing people wearing those hats long after talking to us. So many Crit Hit photos feature people protecting their brain waves.

Thanks again to all the people who played our games with us and shared their own. The throngs of people comprising cons remind us why we make games. We love seeing people make real, human connections over an argument about Gundam recycling or luau time-loops. We’re going to be flying out more across the country in the future. It’ll be great to meet new friends in new places.