ECCC 2019 - CPG @ WSCC TCC/Annex Yakima Level 1

Emerald City Comic Con is this weekend! It’s a huge celebration of all things geek: comics, TV, movies, art, games, cosplay, and that weird “adult” anime panel I went to last year. For us, it’s a chance to showcase our latest title: Far Away. It’s also a painful reminder that I can’t correctly type the word “Emerald” in one try.

We’ll be part of the ECCC 2019 Indie Games Showcase. It’s located in The Convention Center (across from the WSCC) on Level 1 (right as you enter). We’ll be running Far Away every time we’re at the table. We like running the tutorial at cons for obvious reasons, but we encourage you fans to play some full missions with us too.

Here’s our table schedule:

  • Thursday: 7:30-10pm

  • Friday: 10:30am-1pm & 4:30-7pm

  • Saturday: 4:30-10pm

  • Sunday: 1:30-4pm