The Point of Story Games

It’s a heavy day here in the CPG office, so I wanted to drop the “conspiracy theorist” character and talk about our tabletop passion. Jake and I are not on Kickstarter to make a lot of money. We make games to give us more ways to engage with our friends (both present and future) and enjoy their company. There are a lot of emotions out there in the world right now; we want to reinforce the beliefs we value as game makers and explore the positive qualities of story games. Intrinsic to this are convictions about equality and acceptance.

Conspire Kickstarter Live

Please support Conspire, before the Illuminati shut us down. Our fans have consistently proven to be the most generous, supportive community we could hope for. We are thrilled to be launching our third title after seeing how much people have loved it in playtests. Help us reach our goal and you will be richly rewarded with a great game and positive feelings. Thank you!