Catalyst Role-playing System

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Save humanity from the demon invasion in this fast-paced modern-fantasy role-playing game.

The Catalyst RPG box-set includes a 270-page softcover game manual and 142 action cards. This is everything needed for both players and game masters to launch a Catalyst campaign.

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Included Campaign:
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Catalyst (PDF Version)

A digital download of the Catalyst game manual. This defines all the rules and lore of the Catalyst universe, giving players and game masters all they need to create and play a campaign.

If you have purchased a physical copy of Catalyst, you are entitled to the PDF. Contact us to receive it.

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Catalyst Cards
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An extra deck of 142 Catalyst cards. Whether you have a giant group or want some physicality to your PDF version, these cards help give you the true Catalyst experience.

(Some of the card boxes were damaged during shipping, but the cards are still fine.)

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