Game Master Advice

We added a supplement to the Catalyst page for game masters. It provides tips and tricks we learned throughout our years of leading survivors through the demon apocalypse. This guide is focused on the specifics of Catalyst, rather than a broader scope.

This nugget of information is a followup to the manual's advice appendix and a condensed, Catalyst-exclusive version of the role playing advice offered by our site. When writing Catalyst, we opted to not include a large section dedicated to GMing, feeling most of the manual was already written that way. We included a section to get people in the right mindset and craft meaningful stories. This new supplement is more about applying GM best practices to Catalyst. It describes our systems taken from reading Catalyst's rules which help us lead a group.

If you are looking to lead a campaign or brush up on the fundamentals, check out what we wrote. Any suggestions for additional content or clarifications are welcome. Now, go save humanity.