Drink! Status Update

Greetings, thirsty fans. If you've been following our social media, you know we are gearing up to launch a Kickstarter for Drink! Jake has been cracking away at card prototypes and dialing in the style. We filmed the video and are editing together clips of Kaylee and Alex explaining rules and chugging brews. Pro-tip: straight Fernet at 11am tastes like the bad idea it is.

We spent the last couple months sourcing materials for the game and rewards. Everything is locking into place. Expect the launch by the end of this month. Just like with Catalyst, backing at the base level will be basically equivalent to MSRP plus shipping. It's pre-ordering with the added good feelings that come with helping a new idea come to life.

Here is our current list of rewards, to get you hyped:

Print-and-Play Copy A PDF file with the rules and cards. Budget gaming perfect for a red cup party.

Physical Copy The real version of Drink! comes with 150 playing cards, a rule sheet, and an elegant box.  Great for the college graduate wanting possessions.

Recipe Chapbook A pocket-sized bartender’s guide for 25 punches, pitchers, and other house-party concoctions, as provided by some of Seattle’s best bartenders. Impress guests by making something fancier than rum and Coke.

Pint Glass – A standard American pint glass emblazoned with the Drink! logo. Perfect for beer or ambitious whiskey drinkers.

Shot Glasses A set of four mason-jar style shot glasses with the Drink! logo. Drain your glasses with these nods to Seattle faux dive bar culture.

Coasters Two elegant coasters (leather, glass, or stone depending on final pricing and backer preferences) with the Drink! logo. Rest your drinks properly after a toast.

Underwear Two pairs of underwear (briefs, thongs, boxers, or panties, depending on what you want to wear) with Drink! branding. Wear these when you’re feeling optimistic about winning (or losing) a game of Drink!

Accessorize a House Rules Card You will help design one of the ten wildcards in the game. These cards let people write in their own rules, specific to their friends, towns, and inside-jokes. To help guide them, you will equip the card’s character with clothes, gear, or whatever stuff will inspire future Drinkers. You’ll also get your name and a brief toast on the card.

Coaster Art In homage to the house rules of college drinking games, we will make a version of the Drink! rules worth proudly displaying. We will write and draw a one-of-a-kind version of the rules on paper coasters, then mount and frame them for your living room.

Drinking Song We will compose a catchy tune for your next rallying toast. We will coordinate with you on the style, instrumentation, and themes to ensure this song is exactly what you and your friends will what to chant again and again.

Comedy Show – We will rent out Seattle’s Atlas theatre for the evening. There, Comedy Sportz Seattle will put on a private show for you and up to 60 of your friends. The bar will be open (and possibly expanded to your preferences) and happiness is guaranteed. Stick around after the show to hang out with the Drink! team and the comedians. This reward assumes you and your friends are in Seattle. If not, contact us and we’ll figure out how to do this in your town.