OrcaCon 2016

Cherry Picked Games will proudly be at the newly created OrcaCon this coming year. Join us in Everett January 8th – 10th for demon slaying, beer drinking, and all manner of table gaming. We have demo tables every day and are running full sessions of Catalyst all throughout the convention, including a game with Jen Page. CPG even outfitted the bar with Drink! coasters so you can keep gaming all night. Check out the full schedule of events and sign up to save humanity.

For those unaware of this new convention, OrcaCon was a Kickstarter success story. Their goal is to provide a table gaming experience that is welcoming to everyone. There is a big focus on diversity, particularly accommodating women and LGBTQ groups in a hobby which is all too often dominated by straight cis males. Cherry Picked Games promotes the wonderful ability tabletop gaming has bringing people together and is happy to host games at OrcaCon.

We are excited to hang out with our fans and make some new friends this January. OrcaCon tickets are still available and discounted up through this weekend. Please join us in celebrating this wonderful hobby.