Status Update

We've been excitedly tweeting some of our progress over the last week as physical bits of Catalyst show up. So our backers and fans are on the same page as us, here's a quick summary of where all the moving parts are for this game.

Manual: Our proof copy came over the weekend. We tore it apart today, made the final corrections to the images and text requested a second proof from our printer. If that looks like we expect, the full order will be placed.

Cards: Our proof copy is in transit. Considering the card images used in the manual looked fine, we're hoping these should too. Look for camera-phone love on these soon.

Dice: Q-Workshop gave us the first render last night. We made a couple tweaks and are eagerly awaiting the next visualization. Once we give the okay, they'll start carving them (or however you make dice). Hopefully, these make it with everything else, but shipping from Poland might prove slow. The 21 of you getting fancy dice will be kept posted through Kickstarter.

T-Shirts: Our designs are done. Method Designs (a fellow guest of So You're In Seattle) will be handling the screenprinting. We'll send out the order once the KS backers fill out their surveys.

Leatherbound Editions: We met with Scott of Phil's Custom Bindery today. Once we get our physical copies, they can bind up the Scribe versions in a week.

Campaigns: We're making six Catalyst campaigns (for now). Two are for all KS-backers; four are commissioned by high-end backers and will be available for general purchase once Catalyst is released. Three are completely written and two are partially scripted. Two have all the artwork done and two are partially drawn up (one of which is being done by the lovely Will Muto).We're running through playtests of these as we finish them.

Apps: The Android version of the player app is feature-complete and undergoing testing and bug fixing. We're starting to code the Android GM app and the iOS player app (thanks to the aid of WWU's Adam Zerby).

Packaging: We're pricing out options to bundle the manual and cards for both backers and retail. We also have a catalog for plain packaging material, which makes the worst coffee table book.

Hopefully that's everything. Busy month ahead of us here at CPG as we push to get this game in everyone's hands, but it's indescribably wonderful to see Catalyst nearing completion.