Drink! Update for March

(Reposted from the Kickstarter Page)

First off, please complete your surveys soon if you want to be credited in the game (or have your Skal-tier reward card). We are aiming to send off the game files to our manufacturer in China at the end of the month. After that, we really can’t add your name to any papers. Don’t worry about your address; that can be edited before we ship.

Boda Board Game Co. will be handling the manufacturing. By everyone’s best estimates of printing and shipping, copies of Drink! will arrive in Seattle with enough time for us to turn around and ship everything off by the end of June, as promised. We’ll keep you posted of any developments or troubles with our trans-Pacific cargo.

State-side, we’re finishing up the card artwork. The little slug-monsters are looking adorable; we’ll be posting more on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram soon. 

Once the base game is ready and being printed, we’ll focus on the Kickstarter rewards (glasses, coasters, etc.) None of those involve a boat, so we’re not worried about getting glassware in your hands on time as well.

Recently, Cherry Picked Games joined up with the Indie Games Alliance. They will be helping us bring Drink! (and Catalyst) to a wider audience across the world. They also have the “minion” program for volunteers to demo assorted games in exchange for free games and convention access. If you’d like to get rewards for playing Drink! in a bar, sign up with IGA or talk to us.

Finally, we’ve been hosting game nights in Seattle. Every couple of weeks, we have friends and fans over for dinner, drinks, and gaming. The two so far have been super fun, so if you’re free, you should join in. We’ve been mixing up the days, so keep an eye on our social media for the next one.


Digital Orders

PDF copies of Catalyst are now available for purchase. Pre-ordering for the physical copy ends Monday, when regular sales begin.

Campaigns, which serve as guides for game masters through stories we designed, will start arriving later week. Our first one is "Runaways": set in a world where the demons dramatically overpowered humanity, the players must escape captivity and brave the harsh Colorado wilderness in order to survive.