Upcoming Demos and Media Appearances

With less than two weeks remaining in Conspire's Kickstarter campaign, we are shouting our conspiratorial slogans from every rooftop we can find. As always, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for our exact whereabouts.

11/1 is a demo in Olympia (or Lacey if you’re being pedantic). Story Games Olympia invited us down to show off Conspire to their community. We have hosted Games on Demand alongside many of these people throughout the years and are excited to game with them once more. Join us at Gabi’s Olympic Cards and Comics at 6:30pm.

11/3 is a secret game night in Seattle’s Greenlake neighborhood. Message us for details. Secrets and conspiracies: how appropriate.

11/5 is a demo in Bellevue. Mox Boarding House is hosting us for a few rounds of Conspire. This is not an existing event we are crashing like jerks. This is our own thing free of corporate and reptoid influence. Be there around 1pm.

11/6 we will be on EricVulgaris’s Twitch channel - 6pm PST. The channel focuses on indie story games. Conspire is an indie story game. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

11/7 we will be interviewed for BJ Shea’s Geek Nation. We will talk about Drink!, Conspire, design, influence, and whatever else the people need to know. We’ll certainly let the world know when that goes live.

11/8 is the US presidential election. We made a Drink! variant for the occasion.

11/9 or 11/10 (TBD) we will be in Portland at Guardian Games. Games to Gather is helping us organize a meetup down there. It will be a perilous journey south, but we will gladly persevere for our games.

11/12 our creative director will be in Cleveland. He will be scared and lost. Please invite him to a game store.

11/13 the Conspire Kickstarter ends. We’ll have a big party afterwards. Help make sure it’s a happy party by sharing the campaign with your friends well before then.