Yule Tidings

Happy holidays everyone! Hopefully, you are overcoming the awkward family times with the power of games.  We have been busy planning over the break and want to share our 2017 resolutions with you.

The first post-Kickstarter draft of Conspire went out on Christmas Eve. If you want to test it out, sign up at the bottom of this page.  People on that list are receiving periodic test builds and information on how they can best help us improve the game. If you missed out, here’s the first testing package.

CPG is going to Orcacon next month. Visit our demo table to try out Catalyst and Conspire. Sign up for full-fledged games too. Stop by the bar to play Drink! with us. Our creative director is on a panel about horror in RPGs; go pick his brain. It’s also our art director’s first gaming con, so bug us on Twitter and share your favorite games with him.

We recently signed up with Hit Point Sales. That increases our reach across the world. Please do us a favor and send us pictures of Drink! or Catalyst in the wild. Tag us on the socials, or whatever the kids do these days. If you don’t see either game, please ask the shop to carry us.

CPG is sponsoring a biweekly game night at Ravenna Brewing Company. Our goal is to create a wonderful table gaming community for everyone. We had a great trial run a couple weeks ago. We learned the power of honesty in Sheriff of Nottingham, the true power of children in Under the Bed, and that no one can draw in Pictomania. Come by every second and fourth Wednesday starting in January.

We recently started offering Drink! as a by-donation print-and-play. Kick in what you want and print as many of the 150 cards your printer can handle.  We are also now freely giving out Catalyst's Rehabilitation campaign. December presents all-around!

Stay warm this winter, Cherry Picked Fans. See you around the community!