Upcoming Conventions

Drink! is crossing the sea, giving us ample time to schedule space at conventions and work on our next game, Conspire. We will be sharing more details about our hidden-role storytelling game as the early tests finish. If you want to try out Conspire now and help us craft a wonderful gaming experience, come visit us at these conventions.

July 16th is OrcaCon’s Kickstarter Game Day in Everett, WA. Their crowdfunding campaign did so well, they added an extra day of gaming in the middle of the summer. CPG is a special guest of this con, so we’re excited there is more of it. All day, we will be running games of Catalyst and Conspire for fans. From 4-9pm, we’ll have a demo table for shorter sessions and general talk about what we do. We’ll also have the shot glass challenge we did at ETX, so if you’re good at quarters, you’ll win a free game. And, of course, we’ll be playing Drink! afterwards at the Holiday Inn’s bar.

August 19th-21st is DragonFlight in Bellevue, WA. CPG has a booth there for Catalyst and Conspire demos, as well as more quarters flying through the air. We also have full sessions of Catalyst scheduled throughout the con and full playtests of Conspire. Finally, the con’s hotel will have a special bar set up on Saturday from 7-9, so we’ll be there with Drink!

October 14th-16th is Big Bad Con in Walnut Creek, CA. This is a RPG-exclusive con, so we’re excited to travel further than ever before to share Catalyst and Conspire. We’ll be doing the usual short table demos and full scheduled sessions. We’ll also get our Catalyst cosplay on, so get hyped about that.

More cons, demos, and events are coming down the pipeline. Stay tuned for the latest gaming information.