Eat (and Drink!) Seattle

Cherry Picked Games is excited to announce a new alliance with Eat Seattle. We are sponsoring mixology classes hosted in Pike Place Market. Talented spirit slingers will teach you tantalizing recipes in a relaxed, social environment. All afternoon, guests will be sipping cocktails, nibbling gourmet treats, and honing their skills in one of Seattle’s most iconic landmarks. After the class, we’ll continue the fun with a game of Drink! in a nearby tavern.

Expect these events to begin once copies of Drink! hit American shores and we fulfill our Kickstarter obligations. This is, in part, so we can include a copy of Drink! with the mixology lesson. We want you to leave Pike Place Market with a new game, some cocktail knowledge, and a healthy buzz.

Check out Eat Seattle for more information or to find out about their other classes and tours.