We are heading to the far-away land of Bellevue, Washington this weekend. DragonFlight XXXVII kicks off August 19th and promises us an amazing tabletop gaming experience worthy of such a large number.

Full sessions of Catalyst will be run by our talented GMs all weekend. Check out the online schedule for specific times or swing by our booth. Our crew is down is run games whenever you want; check us out like library books for your amusement.

This is the first con we are running games of Conspire. We have a large game planned for Sunday at 2pm that will hopefully test the maximum player boundary to its limit. Otherwise, just stop by and get in on the conspiracy.

Saturday at 7pm is the Drink! After Party hosted by Kesan Holt. Hang out with one of Seattle’s top comics. Win the game and win free stuff.  Play the game and have a chance to win free stuff.  Everything will be awesome.

There isn’t a better place to be in Western Washington, so we’d better see you at the con.