Olympia Demos and PAX

This Saturday (8/27), Cherry Picked Games is taking the Cascadia Militia to Gabi's Olympic Cards & Comics. We are teaching Olympians how to defend themselves from demon attacks using the medium of Catalyst. Gather your friends, allies, and Tinder dates for some role-playing goodness.

PAX West starts September 2nd. CPG is working with Games on Demand once again to run games of Catalyst and Conspire. Many people will be running indie games there, but we are the best. Every convention finds the RPG rooms dominated by the laughter of our players. Our systems encourage creativity, cooperation, beautiful storytelling, and in-depth-yet-fast-paced tactical play. Catalyst has been praised by people skeptical of RPGs and those deeply entrenched in the D&D/Pathfinder standards. Conspire hits all the high notes of story gaming with none of the pretensions those cliques exude.

Cherry Picked Games was founded to create experiences. Our games eschew convention to make players happy. Try them out today.