Drink! Review and Equinox News

Our first full, professional review of Drink! is out. Roll for Crit shared their thoughts after playing during one of their board game party nights. Please check it out and support them by picking up some games at their store (including Drink!). Or buy a round for them next time you’re in New Jersey.

We are gearing up for the Conspire Kickstarter. Our current goal is to launch in mid-October, in time for Big Bad Con. We are filming a playthrough Tuesday. Everyone in the Seattle area is welcome to join us.

Speaking of Big Bad Con, we are going there next month. Sign up for a game of Catalyst today. We have a booth too! Our lovely hosts will run demos of Catalyst and schedule ad-hoc games of Conspire. Short games like these were super popular at PAX’s Games on Demand, so we are looking forward to filling that story gaming niche at Big Bad Con as well.

Our creative director, Alex Jerabek, helped teach an Eat Seattle mixology class last week. They played Drink! during the class and had a wonderful time with both the game and learning the art of the cocktail. We want to sponsor such classes in the future. Hit us up if you’d like to learn how to make drinks while drinking and playing Drink!