Fourth of July Drink! Sale

Fourth of July Drink! Sale

America’s Independence Day is a great excuse to hang with friends, cook in the backyard, crowd the building’s rooftop, and crack open a cold beer. Drink! was designed with just such a day in mind. You can play a fun game without being pulled out of the pool or be derelict with your grillmaster duties.

Order Drink! in the next week from us and receive 20% off with the promo code “FIREWORKS”. Cheers, America!

Drink! Review and Equinox News

Our first full, professional review of Drink! is out. Roll for Crit shared their thoughts after playing during one of their board game party nights. Please check it out and support them by picking up some games at their store (including Drink!). Or buy a round for them next time you’re in New Jersey.