OrcaCon 2017

OrcaCon 2017 is this weekend! Last year’s OrcaCon was CPG’s first convention and we loved every minute of it. We jumped at the chance to return to Everett and share our games once more.

The convention prominently features demo tables for local game designers. We are at these tables Friday: 3-6pm and Saturday: 1-4pm. Engage in a quick demon scuffle in Catalyst and create a quick scene in Conspire.

We are running full sessions of both games as well. Catalyst games are starting Friday: 7pm, Saturday 9am, 7pm, and Sunday: 9am. Conspire games are starting Friday: 9:30pm, Saturday 9:30pm, and Sunday: 11:30am. Finally, we’ll be hosting a Drink! afterparty in the bar. That’ll start after our last Conspire session (or, earlier if we find a rad helper).

Our creative director, Alexander Jerabek, is on a panel about Horror in RPGs. That’s at Saturday: 5pm. We learned a great deal about tension and pacing while playtesting Runaways. There were some scary moments during Conspire’s Kickstarter too, but that’s probably not the type of horror people want to hear about.

Everyone in Western Washington should swing by OrcaCon this weekend. Play some fantastic games with some amazing people. You won’t regret it… as long as you don’t try to out Drink! us at the afterparty.