Cherry Picked Conventions

OrcaCon 2017 just ended, giving us the chance to share our games with over eight hundred gamers from around the Pacific Northwest. We love seeing people’s faces as they slay demons, perpetrate conspiracies, and imbibe beverages. Hanging out with players makes all our work worth it. So, we want to hit up more cons this year.

What tabletop gaming conventions must we attend? We’ll load up the Cherry Picked Honda Civic and see you there.

OrcaCon gave us some great feedback on Conspire. We introduced new role and scene sheets to the masses. We also tested out our hosting script and better learned what parts of play need guidance. The good news is nothing major needs to be tweaked, so we are still on track as per our Kickstarter promises.

You can still sign up for Conspire playtesting kits. We want a wide variety of people telling us about their hosting experiences. You can also preorder Conspire and receive it alongside the Kickstarter backers.

We played a bunch of Catalyst over the weekend. Most groups chose to explore the Civil Unrest campaign; our weirdly prophetic story about America fracturing due to divisive politics and questionable leadership. The story also features demons, which have not invaded… yet.

If you picked up a copy of Catalyst this weekend, be sure to check out our GM App alpha. It’s free (the price is for the eventual final version) and getting better every week. Sign up for testing today! Also check out our free campaign, Rehabilitation.

Thanks everyone! We’ll see you at the next con.