West Coast Tour

Hello Cherry Picked Fans! It looks like we will be seeing many of you in person over the next couple months. We are scouring the West Coast convention scene in between Conspire playtests. Here is our current tour schedule.

Conventions and Appearances

2/19: Seattle After Party PodcastWe are returning to the After Party, continuing the tradition of playing our new game during the recording. Jake, Alex, Daryl, and anyone else who shows up will be creating a brand new conspiracy, live before a studio audience. Come be a part of the inner-circle, this Sunday at 12:30pm at Fremont’s Atlas Theatre.

3/2-3/5: Emerald City Comic ConCPG earned a spot in the indie showcase at this year’s ECCC. We are showing off Drink! and Conspire for all to enjoy. Stop by for prizes and merriment. There’s also an “After Dark” room we’ll be playing Drink! in on Saturday. We have no idea what that means, but it sounds sexy.

5/5-5/7: WagonConThe Dalles is hosting the second annual WagonCon, a tabletop gaming convention located in scenic Northern Oregon. We will be there, doing our gaming thing. We have also been asked to help host an after-party following the DoubleClicks concert. Nerd rock and alcohol: good times!

5/26-5/29: KublaConThis San Franciscan tabletop gaming convention is our second Bay Area appearance. We are teaming up with Do Better Games and Leiker Games for the four-day, two-thousand-plus attendee extravaganza.

6/3-6/4: Evergreen Tabletop ExpoETX is migrating north to Seattle and we are thrilled to have our commute reduced. We are still ironing out details, but hopefully our Art Director, Jake, will be sketching at the booth. This is your chance to see yourself as a Drink! slug.


Production work on Conspire is on track. We are laying out the text into a book format. All the page framing, chapter images, font choices, and other general aesthetics are being settled now.

We are still looking for playtesters for our samples.  Sign up today. In addition to the playtesting kit mailing list, there’s also a secret link to the current testing kit on that page. We just want you playing Conspire. You will not regret it.