Far Away Print-and-Play

The Far Away print-and-play is live. This version comes with one full mission and a tutorial to help teach you how to survive on our alien worlds. Download it today and share your thoughts.

Far Away is still early in the development. This print-and-play coincides with our first physical prototype. As such, we’re expanding playtesting and becoming aware of more issues. Because we want our players to shape our future, we want to share our current work item list. This isn’t to dissuade comments in those ideas, but rather to encourage people to weigh in on the solutions.

·       The manual has no images.

·       The building resource icons are too small.

·       The important-creature-fact text is too small.

·       There’s no convenient reference sheet for what resources go on what hex.

Even if you have no desire to print out a bunch of paper and go to town on it with a pair of scissors, we’d still love your input. Any opinions on layout, style, text, or rules will make this game better. That benefits all of us. After all, we’re launching a Kickstarter for Far Away in a couple weeks.