Aww SHUX, We Already Made that Joke

The excitement of launching Far Away’s Kickstarter and a weekend at SHUX has equally uplifting and exhausting. Thank you to everyone stopped by our booth, especially fans from last year. We can’t wait to return for SHUX 2019 with a (maybe?) final version of Far Away in hand.

We have a lot of feedback to process for Far Away based on the dozens of games we ran. The response was overwhelmingly positive and reinforced many of our thoughts and decisions. Jake and Alex are going to do a series of blogs discussing some of the open decisions remaining in Far Away. Stay tuned so you can join our discussions and share your thoughts.

The Kickstarter has 27 days to go and just over $6000 remaining before we meet the goal. If you haven’t backed yet, please do. Aside from helping the invisible algorithm find our project, your pledge brings us one step closer to get a good night’s rest again. Thanks all!