So You're Considering Customizing Far Away?

Far Away’s Kickstarter offers two tiers for those wishing to leave their mark on the game. You can add a creature to the game, giving players a unique friend/enemy/frenemy to discover/fight/be eaten by. You could also create a mission. This not only gives you an immense amount of influence over the experiences players have, but adds a mission to the game for everyone, giving the game more replay value. Both these tiers add more content to the game, which makes you awesome for backing at them. Backer Issac had a question about the questions we ask while designing your content, so we want to indulge and inspire more high-rolling backers.

Below is a sample questionnaire. These questions start a conversation. The CPG crew loves talking about the lore of Far Away. We want your missions and creatures to be awesome. We’ll make sure your unique ideas and inside jokes fit seamlessly into the world, without losing their personality.

Creature Questions

  • What does your creature eat?

    • Meat? Plants? Dead things?

  • How does it catch its prey?

    • Speed? Pack advantage? Reaching taller fruit?

  • How often does it feed?

    • Several times a day? Gorges once a month?

  • What is the social structure of your creature like?

    • Loner? Pack animal? Giant, close families?

  • What eats your creature?

    • Anything larger? Quick, nocturnal birds?

  • How does it defend itself?

    • Spikes? Thick shell? Raw numbers?

  • What environment does your creature feel most at home in?

    • Swamp? Forest? Desert?

  • How does your creature feel about explorer-made structures?

    • Uses them as shelter? Wrecks the electrical wiring?

  • What would an explorer have to do to your creature to be considered a threat?

    • Attack? Go near their den? Exist?

  • Are there any synergies with other creatures?

    • Others eat their leftovers? They lay their eggs in other creatures’ dens?

  • What is notable about your creature’s behavior?

    • Easily startled? Parasitic? Fast swimmers?

  • What else should we know about your creature?

Mission Questions

  • What is the basic premise of your mission?

  • The Federation Alliance is strapped for cash. How will this mission turn a profit?

  • What could uniquely go wrong during this mission?

  • How could the outcome be better than expected?

  • What special tools would explorers need to complete your mission?

  • Does the target planet have any special requirements (resources, terrain, etc)?

  • Is there anything else we should know before bankrolling your mission?

Think we should be asking something else? Let us know in the comments.