Stretching Past the Goal

We funded! After 25 days, 276 backers helped us past the goal. Despite some nominal attention competition from some other event, we reached our $20,000 goal. We can officially declare Far Away will be made.

The campaign still has 4 days to go: the Kickstarter ends on Sunday at 2pm PST. We’re expecting a rise in funds based on the newly tracked “Project Followers” metric. 692 people are following, with only 69 of them having backed.  We’ll freely admit to having no clue how the other couple hundred backers aren’t following, but there’s still a large potential backer surge.

We promise to use every cent to make a better game. We’ve listed some stretch goals (more on those in a bit), but know that having more budget means we can investigate subtle improvements, like extra pieces and thicker cardstock. There are also a ton of small expenses that crop up when dealing with overseas production, such as producing and airmailing additional prototypes if we detect manufacturing errors.

Stretch goals are the flashy lures of a Kickstarter. We’ve been careful not to over-promise (there are enough horror stories out there of people losing money because they hit too many stretch goals). At $25,000, we’re adding custom tokens for the crash site and players, instead of a card and cardboard. At $27,500, we’ll give the game a plastic inlay. With 400 backers, we’ll add a special 4-player mission. Those are the official stretch goals. They’re all attainable. But what else is possible?

That’s where you come in. Tell us what you’d like added to the game. This is your project as much as it is ours. Let’s make it the best game about lonely space explorers getting bitten by gross swamp aliens it can be.