KublaCon 2018

The Cherry Picked Crew is right now on the road south. We are en route to KublaCon, the four-day board gaming extravaganza in San Francisco. Like last year, CPG is rocking a booth in the dealers’ hall and running longer games on the side. Unlike last year, we have Conspire in stock, so ready those tinfoil hats.

We are splitting our booth with the wonderful Maybe Capital. They are rocking their eponymous title about bizarre Silicon Valley start-ups, like Tinder for ferrets or restaurants with drone waitstaff. Come fund the next big must-have app with us at KublaCon.

Swing by our corner of the world this weekend. Even if you’re a super fan and have played everything we make, we still enjoy chatting about your characters and stories from our worlds. We also have a prototype of Far Away hidden for those desiring a little sneak peek.