Greetings from a Far Away Planet

Hello world, my name is Jake Breish. Thank you for tuning in for this special broadcast. You may have heard my name mentioned throughout the development of CPG's more recent games. I’m the graphic designer and artist here at Cherry Picked Games. Like most artists, my natural environment is my dimly-lit home office making sightings in the wild quite rare. Despite all that, you’ll be hearing more from me in the future. I will be writing about our process, progress and the (Oh god, why did I start this alliteration) decisions we face along the way.

As Alex and I gear up for our most ambitious mission yet, we will also be making an effort to engage more with our audience. That means you can look forward to more blogs, industry news, and CPG content. If you have any recommendations or special requests, feel free to shoot us an email or reach out through any social channels; we love to hearing from our fans.

You may also start to notice some visual abnormalities. Don't worry! It's not the hallucinations caused by the "poisonous" fruit that the Federation Alliance (FA... get it?) asked you to gather*. We are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves and our games. In the coming months, you will see some subtle changes to our brand. We are working hard to make CPG the best it can be.

*It's totally hallucinations from the poisonous fruit and we definitely need you to harvest more.