Construction Commenced

Hello Explorers,

While we expect a certain level of excellence and perseverance, our recruits must also be thrifty and efficient. A routine audit has begun to ensure there is no excess cost or financial leakage. During this audit, you can expect to see a stripped down list of buildings and a thorough review of each structure’s return on investment. Due to the increase of man-power required for this inspection, supplies must be rationed and as such, you may notice a decrease of available clothing, blankets, toiletries, and food.

We thank you for your compliance.

During your Far Away exploration, you’ll find yourself in need of extra tools or resources. Players can construct buildings and gear to help overcome challenges. These items could help you communicate from a distance, domesticate creatures, or even allow you to eat toxic alien meat.

Redesigned Building Card

Redesigned Building Card


While we always enjoy a good, old-fashioned swarm of deadly drones, we have to take a step back and asks ourselves, “Why do we enjoy a swarm of deadly drones?” And yes, a Seismic Resonator does sound awesome, but is it worth the two Minerals, and a BioPlastic?

Using a smaller, core set of buildings and gear, we have been testing balance, resource costs, and utility. Beyond this core set, completing extra challenges in missions will unlock more useful gear. Each story branch could enable a different gameplay strategy. One may put you in tune with the alien-life, while another may put you in command of a robot army. Whichever you choose, don’t forget to complete the mission.