Demo Sessions

Cherry Picked Games is starting up another round of Catalyst demos to help introduce people to our wonderful role-playing game. We are still setting a lot of dates in stone, but the first demo will be at Card Kingdom in Ballard. We will be there from 6-10pm, Thursday the 25th.

So what are these demos? They are a chance to try out Catalyst in a quick, noncommittal mini-session. Players take on the identity of one of our premade characters for a brief scenario. They work together to help the Seattle militia with some threat to humanity. Whether it is sniffing out a demon-worshiping cult, quelling a riot about the plague quarantine, or driving a speed boat into a giant monster, players will get a taste for the Catalyst universe.

With everything ready-to-go for players, the barrier to entry is removed. Players with no experience in role-playing games can step up and quickly learn Catalyst. More experienced gamers are able to speak with us, the game creators, about what differentiates us from other RPGs and why Catalyst is right for them.

Whether you are already a fan or just curious about this game, you should come by and roll some dice with us. See why playtesters brought Catalyst into the world through Kickstarter.