fruit trees

Cherry Blossom Season

Hi Cherry Picked Fans,

It's beautiful up here in Cascadia. The cherry trees are in bloom, tulips line the sidewalks, and it's finally warm enough to not constantly run space heaters. We just wrapped up our Emerald City Comicon experience and are looking forward to the next con.

CPG will be at Evergreen Tabletop Expo from May 27th to 29th. We are sharing a booth with other local game designers (including our friends at Warding Circle) all weekend. Our plan is to run short Catalyst demos at the booth, launch into full sessions throughout the con, and Drink! in the bar afterwards. We might have a prototype for our next secret project too.

We will be swinging through Moscow, Idaho this weekend. Stop by Safari Pearl Saturday from 2-6 to play Catalyst with us or Friday night for some Drinks. We are trying to expand our reach outside of Washington, so if your city is still infested with demons, let us know what game stores could host the human resistance. A summer demo-tour would be awesome.

Huge thanks to HyperRPG for having a us on Grab Bag last Thursday to flex our design muscles. If you haven't already, go check out their Twitch stream for a variety of gaming shows.

Alright, time to get back to work. You all expect great things of Drink! and our release date is fast approaching. Cheers!