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Emerald City ComiCon

CPG is sending two of their talented game masters to ECCC. Once again, we are teaming up with Games on Demand to run role-playing sessions. Sign up with your friends (or strangers) to have one of us lead a one-off RPG session. No prep, game knowledge, or materials on your part; just an awesome gaming experience. Here's our time slots (GoD in general will be there from 12p to 11p Friday and Saturday, as well as 12p - 5p on Sunday).

Cherry Picked Games will be primarily running games of Catalyst. However, due to ECCC regulations involving demoing products, we must offer other games. We've chosen Monsterhearts and Spirit of the Century as alternates because of their compelling mechanics, themes, and single-session playability. If con-goers want those games, we are happy to host them. If they want a game of Catalyst led by the people who know it best, we are happy to host them.

Oh, there may be a Drink! after party happening nearby. Follow us on Twitter and you'll learn about it when we do.