VDay Roundup

Happy World Radio Day Cherry Picked Fans. We have a plethora of things happening this week.

Game night! Tomorrow, 2/14, CPG is hosting a board game night at our office (read: @CrustlessPunk's house). All manner of games will be welcomed and played. We are playtesting Drink!, so we'll provide some booze for that.

Catalyst Sale! Grab a copy of Catalyst and our Campaign Bundle for cheap. Our sale expands to Amazon, if you are addicted to Prime Shipping. Seattle's Card Kingdom is also doing a huge sale, with RPGs 40% off (seriously, locals: take advantage of that).

Polls are still open for the "Cascadia Militia" drop-in Catalyst sessions. Vote for when and where today.

If you missed it, check out our playthrough with Roll for Crit. It's a truly genuine Catalyst experience, complete with overly-complex plans, absurd characters, and brutal fights.

One of our art team members, Dinah Juergens, was featured in Make Space Zine. This zine focuses on womxn creatives across the Pacific Northwest. Look for Dinah's amazing paintings and interview in Issue #2.

Finally, Drink! is still being played on the CSz After Party Podcast after our blurry visit. Getting comedians intoxicated is one of the goals we had designing this game. Good to see it's living up to the potential.