Evergreen Tabletop Expo

Hello Cherry Picked Fans,

May 27th to 29th is Evergreen Tabletop Expo: a tabletop gaming convention located in the intact city of Tacoma. We will be there the whole time to share our games and bask in the meeples. There’s a bunch of cool stuff happening, but for obvious reasons, we’ll just share what we’re up to.

For the con’s prime time, we’ll be sharing a booth with some friends. The Washington Game Co-op combines the powers of four studios into one Voltron-like gaming powerhouse (we’re the head, in case you’re wondering). Stop by to play games of Mysteries of the Yokai by Warding Circle, Triangul8 by Hutt Family Games, and Bring Your Own Book by Do Better Games. CPG will be doing demos of Catalyst and our next potential title, Conspire.

We will also (Poseidon willing) have the first real version of Drink!! Once we figure out the coolest (and probably closest) bar in Tacoma, we’ll setup an after party there to show off our sweet drinking game. Play with us and you’ll be entered to win a copy.

We are also doing longer sessions of Catalyst throughout the con. Sign up through the ETX website to reserve a seat. If past conventions indicate anything, our talented game masters will make you laugh louder than anyone else in the hotel.

Come down to Tacoma at the end of the month. Play some amazing games with wonderful humans. Regret nothing.