June Status Report

Evergreen Tabletop Expo has come and gone. We’re nursing our collective con-hangovers and getting back to work. Here’s what up to for the summer.

Drink! is being printed as we speak. Soon, one-thousand copies of our party game will sail across the Pacific Ocean. The exact timing is, much to our chagrin, unknown. We’ve been given shipping estimates of two to eight weeks. When we know an exact date, we will shout it from the rooftops. In the meantime, we’re offering preorders at the same rate as the Kickstarter. Tell you friends!

Since all the art is done, we sent our Kickstarter backers a print-and-play version. We’ll make a smaller (~35 cards) PnP download for the site soon. That will be free, so you can try it out at your next party.

Catalyst got some love at ETX. Players had a blast navigating the demonic apocalypse. In addition to a lovely Amazon review, we arranged a special demo event at TerraCrux Games. They will host us for an all-day demo in which players sign-up for two-hour slots in an adventure. We’ll run a special Tacoma scenario and give players a copy afterwards. Should be fun! All that is tentatively scheduled for 7/16, with more updates to come as the date draws closer.

Finally, we’re going to start a lot of playtesting for Conspire. If hidden-role or world-building games are your jam, you’ll love this game. Playtests are going to regularly occur in the Seattle area. Anyone wanting to help from farther out can contact alex@cherrypickedgames.com and get a playtesting kit.

That’s all the updates for now. We’ll notify everyone of any updates as they develop.