With a clearing of our plates and a draining of our glasses, we sent Drink! to the manufacturers. We should receive a proof copy in a couple of weeks in all its drunken glory. Thank you to everyone who backed the Kickstarter, preordered Drink!, played the game at cons, playtested with us at house parties, or helped spread the word. The excitement surrounding the development and concept has been amazing; we’re hyped to see where the full game goes.

With the hard part of Drink! over (*fingers crossed*), we’re focusing on the next steps. The game’s art is being repurposed to cover bar guides, underwear, glassware, and coasters for our Kickstarter rewards.  Watch Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for those designs and items rolling in. We’re also ordering boxes to ship Drink!, which is… way less exciting.

We’ll be at Evergreen Tabletop Expo at the end of the month. Our booth will be the Washington Game Co-op. Cherry Picked Games is joining with Warding Circle, Do Better Games, and Hutt Family Games to share a diverse selection of local games. Explore ancient folklore in Mysteries of the Yokai, make Danielle Steele lines funny in Bring Your Own Book, and outsmart your opponent by channeling your inner-GPS in Triangul8. We’ll be holding down our usual modern-urban-fantasy-apocalypse with Catalyst and drinking heavily (and playing Drink!). We’ll also be playtesting Conspire.

What’s Conspire you ask? What a great unsolicited question. Conspire is concept we’re testing out for the next Cherry Picked game. It’s a hidden-role role-playing game. You’ll work together to set the scene and create roles to play, then secretly assign goals and distribute these roles to players.  Lie, bluff, and manipulate each other to get your way. Once the dust settles, tweak the characters to keep things mysterious. You’ll end up with a unique hidden-role game based on your group’s experiences.

Speaking of unique experience, we got a great review from Cloak and Meeple for Catalyst. The intro is superb; totally on par with our LARPing skills. There’s also a playthrough if you don’t mind the audio hiccups on our end. For a more audible Catalyst experience, come down to Card Kingdom any Thursday for our drop-in sessions.

Thanks again everyone! See you around the tabletop.