PAX Conspiracy

Thanks to Games on Demand, two Cherry Picked Games will be represented at PAX West 2016. Look for sessions of Catalyst and Conspire all four days. Stop by the GoD room on the third floor of the Convention Center. There, you will find talented game masters and facilitators ready to be checked out like library books.

We are also going to be hanging out around PAX the whole time and playing Drink! wherever there are drunkards. Come say hi, stab a demon, take a shot, and breathe in the chemtrails.

Speaking conspiracy theories, we are rapidly approaching the Kickstarter period for Conspire. Several people have been running playtests and giving us valuable feedback. If you want in and can’t make it to PAX, we are happy to provide you with a playtesting kit.

One thing we have noticed going forward is people gravitate strongly towards the weird conspiracy theorist personas we adopt when discussing Conspire. Originally, the game’s manual was intended to treat the game like an improvised play. This was partially inspired by games like Catherine and its Golden Playhouse: something that framed the game as clearly unreal and intended to impart a moral message. However, fluoride indoctrination, Antarctic Nazi alien bases, and jet fuel set a more surreal tone while being more humorous. After all, Cherry Picked Games never take themselves seriously.

We have almost finalized our rewards and stretch goals for Conspire. There’s a full blog post coming soon, but we are excited about our ideas and wanted to tease somethings. We are doing both monetary and social sharing stretch goals, so be ready to spread the word about CPG. There are two versions of Conspire being made: a basic book and a fancy dossier edition. But most importantly, our highest tier will offer <redacted>