The Plan

It is the calm before the storm in the CPG offices. Soon, the Cherry Picked Civic will be loaded up with one-thousand copies of Conspire and make the voyage from Gorham Printing to our Seattle office. That’s when the game transforms from a glorious concept guarded by us to a wonderful game available to all.

The books and the materials for the deluxe edition will all arrive within the same timeframe. This means we can fulfill most of our backers and preorders immediately. The one exception is leather-bound version.  There is a clear dependency on the getting the books first before binding them, so expect an extra week or two for your version after we start fulfilling the Kickstarter. Since those are our highest tier backers, we will send a standard copy of Conspire in advance of the fancy leather/deluxe one.

During this time, we will be reworking the Conspire pages on the CPG site. Please send us any pictures or quotes from your Conspire sessions. Use #PlayConspire on social media so we can sort through the weird actual conspiracies.

Conspire will also be available through Amazon, Hit Point Sales, and Indie Press Revolution. Please ask your local stores to order Conspire and spread the truth.

We will be hosting demo events in the greater Seattle area to share the conspiracy. We are also heading to SHUX in Vancouver and Big Bad Con in the Bay Area. Join us for hilarious tales of deception and betrayal.

Once Conspire has been fully released into the wild, stay tuned for updates on our next game, Far Away. This two-player cooperative space exploration won the public poll over the summer and is starting to take shape. Expect concept sketches and playtest opportunities soon.

Cheers Cherry Picked Fans! It has been an amazing journey plotting the conspiracy with you all. Now to stick the landing.