Proof of the Conspiracy

The Conspire proof arrived at our doorstep this morning. Gorham Printing has delivered an unbound, unlaminated version for us to approve before creating the next thousand copies. Here are the pictures we are circulating around the socials.

Cover Proof.jpg
Rabbit Proof.jpg
Serum Proof.jpg

The art came out looking great and we are psyched how much of the bizarre cover text is legible. Of course, this is the last chance to make changes. Jake and I are going to pour over this version and make sure everything is as desired.

Once we give the go ahead, we are going to make the digital version available to our backers and preorder purchasers. Keep your eyes on your inboxes.

We are nearing the end of our Conspire development. CPG has been hard at work on Conspire for the last eighteen months. It has been an incredible experience telling stories with the world and digging deep into the conspiracy theorist universe. Conspire’s cover gives clues about our next projects. We will share the decoded details soon.