funding the dream

Kickstarter Over

30 days, 100 backers, and $7,721 later, we have funded the production of Drink!

We say it a lot, but really, thank you. On behalf of Cherry Picked Games and small game studios everywhere: thank you for supporting us and letting quirky, unique, awesome games get made.

I will write up full post-modem on the Kickstarter experience later. For now, there's a drink waiting for me at the bar.


Catalyst pre-ordering is live! Reserve your copy over on the Catalyst page. You'll get the full game (270-page manual and 142 action cards) shipped anywhere in the US. You'll also have a bonus campaign PDF emailed to you, helping game masters new and old run a campaign in this new universe.

And don't worry KS backers, you're still getting the full game and the two physical campaigns shipped to you before these get sent out. Much love to our earliest supporters.