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Playtesters Wanted

Game enthusiasts, we need your help.

CPG has been working on a drinking game (appropriately named "Drink!") and is gearing up to launch a crowdfunding campaign. Playtesting is an essential part of game development and something we place the highest value upon. If you have a critical mind and a unquenchable thirst, help us test Drink!

Contact and we will send you a prototype.

(Also, FAQ answer #1: You don't need to play Drink! with alcohol. We don't believe in shaming water drinkers.)

We also need playtesters for our final backer-sponsored Catalyst campaign, "Civil Unrest". This story is set during the Human-Demon War after the United States has fragmented into new nation-states. The North American Coalition and the Southern Federation do not see eye-to-eye and compete in a subversive power struggle. The players, mercenaries in Washington D.C., find themselves pulled between these two factions and forced to decide America's fate against the demon horde.

If you want to help out CPG, come drink or roll dice with us. Or both.