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CPG Status - Turkey Edition

Hello Cherry Picked Fans! Happy seasonal holiday, if that’s applicable to where you live…

There is a lot going on at our plucky little studio this month. Here is the executive summary.

Drink! is on Kickstarter. Please back and share. Leave comments, retweet our company and personal tweets, and get the word out about Drink! This is how we fund our games and keep doing our part to make the world more enjoyable. You’ll love the game. Plus, you get that warm, fuzzy feeling of helping out a hard-working micro-business. Thank you. We’ll fund this and keep adding to our gaming catalog.

If you are looking to try out Drink!, we are playing around Seattle all month. Monday, 11/30, we are at Café Mox in Ballard. Then is Beer and Board Games at Blue Highway Games on 12/11. One of our artists is having a gallery reception at Schilling Cider House. She is happy to talk about games as well as dead birds. Do you have a bar you’d like us to visit and show off Drink!? Email us. We’re always thirsty.

Catalyst is in the middle of a second printing. We should have 500 new copies before Christmas. Role playing games make great gifts for everyone, but consider giving one to a middle-schooler or teenager in your life. RPGs were a great influence on my life and many others. If you have not yet tried Catalyst, we’ll be at Around the Table on 12/6 at 6pm.

Our final (for now?) Catalyst campaign, “Civil Unrest”, is almost done. We are wrapping up the playtest Wednesday and deciding the fate of America. We will add a “which campaign is right for you” page once we upload it.

Take care everyone. Roll some dice with friends and family and enjoy the holidays.