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Drink! Progress and Upcoming Events

Greetings Cherry Picked Fans,

First off, it's crunch-time for Drink! We're working hard to finish our illustrations and get everything sent overseas. Our goal is to make the card-art fun, visually distinct, and clean. It's been an endeavor to get 150 of these out while not reusing ideas or jokes. You're worth it. Full disclosure: we are slightly behind schedule here. Nothing that should affect the deadline unless there are other delays later in manufacturing. We'll keep you posted.

We've starting getting our punch and party recipes for the backer chapbook. There's some delicious drinks bartenders have provided us. We'll make a few for the next CPG game night.

CPG will once again be part of Games on Demand at this year's Emerald City Comic Con. Our talented and attractive game masters will lead groups through the demon apocalypse Friday and Saturday. To comply with ECCC's policy towards demoing products, we will also be offering to run other RPGs. It'll be fun either way, but we think people will prefer a game with the developers over the alternative.

After that, we will be ordering our other Drink! rewards and doing Catalyst demos in Idaho and Eastern Washington. More details soon.